About Me

Hi, my name is Christina. I come from a family who loves to eat. Most of our family gatherings are around food but isn't that everyone?! Haha. I realized that all the kids in my family also love to eat so I guess you can say that our love for food starts from the time we are born. I feel that food is what brings family and friends together. I love to see the smiles and happiness my cooking and baking brings to the ones I love and care about.

I learn a lot of my cooking/baking from the internet. If I am curious about how to make something, I hop right on the internet and look it up. I started cooking about four years ago I would say. When I started college, I didn't even know how to cook eggs or ramen. For anyone who wants to learn how to cook, it's never too late! I started to cooking when I was 19. I didn't know how to wash dishes when I started college or wash clothes probably. All I have to say is that everyone has to start someone! I realized about two years that cooking/baking for the ones I love bring me joy. Also, it is easy to eat clean when you control of what you put into your food. A lot of the food I cook are simple but easy to make and delicious! :D

When you cook/bake, you will make mistakes. Practice makes perfect though! Do not give up just because you make one bad meal. EVERYONE STARTS SOMEWHERE!

Through my blog, I hope that you find inspiration for cooking as well as working out. Health eating and working out is key to a healthy and happy life. Over the years, I have learned to love working out.

Most motivation picture for me! I put this on my phone wallpaper as a reminder. 

My current routine is 21 Day Fix (A Beach Body Program). The program consist of a 30 minutes a day workout and focuses on portion control! I am also drinking Shakeology as meal replacements when I am in a hurry and need a quick meal.

Hope that you enjoy the different adventures in my life. Any suggestions to better this blog is welcome :)

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