Saturday, January 11, 2014

Brown Fried Rice with Turkey Meatballs and Spinach

I made some brown fried rice a couple days after New Year's Eve since I had leftover meatballs and brown rice sitting around in the fridge. I didn't feel like eating them separately so I decided to combined them together to make some fried rice. I was always so curious about how brown rice would taste fried rice style. After making some brown fried rice, I thought the taste was amazing. I didn't add too much soy sauce so the fried rice still tasted relatively healthy :)

I believe this was actually my second time making fried rice. The first time I ever made fried rice when when I started college. I was completely clueless on how to cook anything so my fried rice turned out being mushy. I didn't know fried rice called for leftover rice. Haha.. silly me! Well, at least I know now so it is never too late. I would say that my second time making fried rice was a successful!!

Olive oil
2-3 eggs
4-5 garlic cloves - minced
~ 3.5 cups brown fried rice
2 leftover turkey meatballs - diced
2 handfuls spinach

1. Minced garlic cloves and dice the leftover meatballs. Set aside.
2. Heat pan on medium-high. While you are waiting for the skillet to heat up, whisk your eggs together. Drizzle oil into the skillet, then pour the egg mixture in. Be sure not to over-cook your eggs or it will be too dry. When the edge of the eggs start to pop up a little, start to scramble your eggs. Set aside the scramble eggs.
3. Drizzle oil into a pan then add garlic. Saute the garlic then add brown rice. Stir-fry the brown rice for a couple of minutes until rice is heated up thoroughly.
4. Stir in desired amount of soy sauce.
5. Add leftover meatballs and spinach. Continue to stir-fry until spinach is fully cooked and meatballs are heated up (add green onions if desired).

**Note: For best results, use rice that has been previously cooked - about 2-3 days. This prevents fried rice from becoming mushy. You may also use overnight rice.

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